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They call me "Thumbz." You've probably guessed why, but what you probably did not realize is that every aspect of my claw is meticulously crafted for maximum code pasting efficiency. I've chewed off my fingernails so they don't get in my way. My fingers get very thin after the knuckle to guarantee pinpoint accuracy, and my pirate hook thumb serves as a perfect counterbalance. Nobody can press CTRL+C, CTRL+V with greater speed or precision than I can.

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A Pasted Cheat

Every single line of code has been pasted from other peoples' projects because I completely lack the creativity and intelligence to produce my own.

Permanent Detections

We've been running for just over 2 years. We've been detected the entire time. Can you beat those stats? I think not.

Fake Deadlines

Do you enjoy sitting around with your thumb up your ass? If so, we are the place for you! I have literally never given an accurate release date!

Retarded Community

My users have a combined IQ of 25. Things can get pretty interesting.

Free Malware

Do you love having your privacy violated? Great! One of my favorite things to do is steal your private Discord conversations and upload them to my server!

Constant Abuse

I frequently go full retard and ban people without a refund for no adequately explored reason. Have a question? Too bad. I am a mentally unstable, immature man-child with several staggering character flaws.


Days Undetected


Happy Customers


False Promises


Lines Of Pasted Code

This cheat fucking sucks. He stole my files and banned me without a refund after I waited over a year for a release.


This shit is literally worse than Rust Glory. I didn't think that was possible.




  • Pasted Cheat
  • Pasted Spoofer
  • Horrible Customer Service


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  • Same Pasted Cheat
  • Same Pasted Spoofer
  • Same Horrible Customer Service
  • One Extra Useless Pasted Feature


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Deluxe VIP

  • Same Pasted Cheat
  • Same Pasted Spoofer
  • Same Horrible Customer Service
  • Two Extra Useless Pasted Features


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  • Same Pasted Cheat
  • Same Pasted Spoofer
  • Same Horrible Customer Service
  • Three Extra Useless Pasted Features
  • Early Access (Just Kidding)


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It took me 2 years to paste a permanently detected Rust cheat, and I have literally never met a deadline. I expect my users to sit patiently and wait for me while I play League of Legends all day. Then I will release another pasted, permanently detected cheat for everyone to enjoy getting banned with. Only after you pay me, though! I don't care if you never got the cheat you paid for last time!

Just me being a retard. Nothing new here. I spend a lot of time saying nonsensical things.

Me claiming that I wrote a hypervisor and bragging about how quickly I did it, when in reality I was on the actual developer's GitHub repo begging him to help me compile it and asking other retarded questions because I can't do anything myself, despite my constant claims of being a professional developer and superior to all others.
How 2 compile hekkz
How 2 maek kernal h00k
How 2 maek multiple hide
How 2 undetekk

Some of my users' private Discord conversations that I uploaded to my server without their permission. Then I lied about it and some of them actually believed me. What a bunch of idiots!

Me crying about "thuglife" every chance I get, even when the person I'm crying to has no idea who either of us are. To be honest, I've been seething ever since he exposed me as a fraud. That's why I roam internet forums at all hours of the night and cry about him to anyone who will listen. You may have noticed I enjoy calling him "creepy handz." That's one of my defense mechanisms. I project my insecurities onto other people because I am an emotional cripple and a pathological liar. You can see my disfigured hand at the top of the page. Looking the way I do, I really have no business saying these ugly things, but tales of my stupidity, hypocrisy, and ironic behavior are legendary and I must keep up appearances.

Me threatening to ban users for no reason. Just another day in the office basement.

Me crying about "thuglife" again. Nobody mentioned him or anything (actually, they can't because I'll ban them). Just my anus is still incredibly sore from the pounding he gave me so I feel an instatiable need to bring him up in conversation every single day. Unless, of course, I'm in hiding because I missed another deadline. All of this is just another classic case of projection. I do this all the time, it's one of my big character flaws. I call him middle-aged even though he is younger than me (not even in his 30s yet!), and it really makes my blood boil that he has earned more money in a single week than I have in my entire adult life. To be honest, the only income I've ever had is the money that I've scammed from teenagers with this garbage cheat, and I didn't even write the cheat myself. That's why my mother and girlfriend pay all of my expenses. I am literally an adult baby. I take all of this anger and frustration and focus it outward toward my superiors. I pretend I don't care, but it's quite obvious that nobody believes me. By the way, did you know I actually live in a basement? My roommates punk me all the time and force me to clean up after them because they know how much of a beta I am. They can literally smell my vagina. Good thing I have this keyboard and monitor to hide behind though. Nobody will know how much of a pussy I am if I act tough on the internet. :)

Do these two turds look appetizing or what?! It's not her fault though, she has to work long hours so she can pay my bills on top of her own. I should probably learn how to cook, since I sit at home all day and have no job, no income, no friends, no responsibilities, no life outside of trying to paste a Rust cheat. I'm technically the woman in the relationship. Though to be fair, housewives have their own set of responsibilities. I literally do nothing, so I guess it's unfair for me to even label myself a housewife. It wouldn't even be fair to label me a retard because an autistic finger painting would still be more than I've accomplished in the past two years. I guess I'm just a turd like my bland, overcooked chicken!

Or is it? My asshole has become quite accustomed to a vicious pounding.

I have not delivered any working product to any of my paying customers, but I am already focused on my next retarded scam. Big things coming! Get your wallets ready! I couldn't even get my pasted "private" undetected in 2 years but I'm about to release a half-broken, extra-detected public cheat!